Clevis Pins

Clevis PinsClevis Pins are a type of fastener that will allow the rotation or swivel of the connected parts about the axis of the pin linkage.

A clevis pin, sometimes referred to as a link pin or hinge pin, consists of a head, shank and hole. When using a fastening, such as a clevis pin, the hole which is at the opposite end of the pin to the head is inserted through the items to be linked, and then a cotter pin, R clip or similar fastener is inserted through the hole to keep the clevis pin in place.

Like a set screw, a clevis pin is often used to prevent two other pieces from moving relative to each other, A clevis pin is less adjustable, in that it can hold two parts in exactly one relative position (because holes must be drilled in both parts) A clevis pin is also more secure, as it is less apt to work loose due to vibration.

From backpacking and sail boating to military and aerospace engineering. Clevis pins are indispensable items for securing equipment. If you are on the hunt for clevis pins, the Internet is the ideal place to find them. With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll find a clevis pin to suit you’re needs at

Most commonly used in Construction, Marine (usually sailboats) Aerospace. Automotive and Agriculture Engineering and also Medical Devices

Our range of Clevis Pins





Stainless Steel Clevis Pin Standard Clevis Pin Car Braking Systems 3/16 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
A4 Stainless Steel Clevis Pin Special Clevis Pin Clevis Pins in marine use 1/4 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
A2 Stainless Steel Clevis Pin DIN 1444B Clevis Pin Clevis Pins in boats 516 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
304 Stainless Steel Clevis Pin ISO 2341B Clevis Pin Hand Brake Clevis Pins 3/8 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
316 Stainless Steel Clevis Pin Metric Clevis Pin Clevis Pin linkages 1/2 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
Mild Steel Clevis Pin Imperial Clevis Pin Chandlery 5/8 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
Steel Clevis Pin Headed Clevis Pin Sailing Boats 3/4 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
Bright Zinc plate Clevis Pin Clevis Pin Drilled Towing 1 inch Diameter Clevis Pin
Zinc plate Clevis Pin Clevis Pin Kit Garden Machinery 5mm Diameter Clevis Pin
Stainless Steel 303 Agricultural Machinery 6mm Diameter Clevis Pin
Carbon Steel Automotive Applications 8mm Diameter Clevis Pin
10mm Diameter Clevis Pin
12mm Diameter Clevis Pin
16mm Diameter Clevis Pin
20mm Diameter Clevis Pin
24mm Diameter Clevis Pin